Folla Aktiv offers guided adveture travels from sea to summit, and educational activities and courses based on Norwegian nature at all skill levels! We will welcome and guide you safely throughout to your next adventure! Folla Aktiv is located in the middle of Norway, and in Flatanger we can offer multi activities, adventures and courses with authentic and exotic accomodation at ELLINGRÅSA LIGHTHOUSE LODGE. In addition Folla Aktiv guides adventure travels and expeditions in the rest of Norway and Europe on request. All activities and adventure travels can be custom adjusted to your skill level and age. We operate all year: KAYAK - CLIMBING - DIVING - FREEDIVING - SNORKELING - DEEP SEA RAFTING - FISHING - MOUNTAINEERING - RANDONEE - BC SKIING. The blog will keep you updated and informed about what is going on with Folla Aktiv. If you are looking for more information about our ADVENTURES FROM SEA TO SUMMIT see WWW.FOLLA-AKTIV.NO. You are always welcome to contact us on e-mail at or by telephone (+47) 990 22 494.

fredag 29. juni 2012


"Kayaking in the arcipelago of your dreams" is the heading of an 8 pages article in the swedish outdoor magasin "Utemagasinet". The articel is written as a result of a guided kayak adventure with Folla Aktiv spiced with both climbing and freediving for scallops. You are welcome to join us for your next adventure!

"Med kajakk i drømmenes skjærdård" er overskriften på en artikkel over 8 sider i maiutgaven 2012 av det svenske friluftsmagasinet "Utemagasinet". Artikkelen er skrevet av Lars Larsson på bakgrunn av en tur vi guidet han og tre andre basert på kajakk, men som vi kryddret med både fridykking og klatring. Artikkelen kan dere lese nedenfor.

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